仪器资讯丨208HR高真空离子溅射仪 208HR High Resolution Sputter Coater

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208HR High Resolution Sputter Coater

The 208HR High Resolution Sputter Coaters from Cressington offer real solutions to the problems encountered when coating difficult samples for FESEM imaging. FESEM applications need extremely thin, fine-grained, uniform coatings to eliminate charging and to improve contrast on low density materials. In order to minimize the effects of grain size the 208HR offers a full range of coating materials and gives unprecedented control over thickness and deposition conditions. The 208HR Turbo Pumped High Vacuum System offers a wide range of operating pressures allowing precise control of both uniformity and conformity of the coating, minimizing charging effects. The HIGH / LOW chamber configuration allows easy adjustment of the distance from target to sample. The MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller has a resolution of better than 0.1nm. This enables precise and reproducible thin coatings, especially in the range of 0.5 - 3nm, a thickness desirable for FESEM applications.

Preferred Coating Materials for FESEM Applications  

Pt/Pd: General-purpose high resolution coating material for non-conducting specimens

Cr: Excellent for semi-conductor materials and high resolution back scattered electron imaging

Ir: Excellent, virtually grain-free coating material

The 208HR system is available in a number of configurations to enable to deliver the best high resolution coatings for your applications. The208HR can be supplied with a standard rotary backing pump or a dry scroll pump for clean room applications. The standard 208HR includes both Chromium and Platinum/Palladium as target materials. There is also a 208HR Iridium including an Iridium target providing excellent fine-grained coating for high resolution FE-SEM imaging on a wide variety of samples.

Main Features

1.Wide choice of Coating Materials. Magnetron head design and effective gas handling allow a wide choice of target materials.2.Precision Thickness Control. Thickness optimized for FESEM operating voltage using the MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller.3.Multi-angle Stage Movements. Separate rotary, planetary and tilting stage movements ensure uniform coating with excellent conformity, even on highly topographic samples.4.Multiple Sample Holders. Four sample holders are provided with options to accommodate sample sizes as large as 32mm diameter.5.Variable Chamber Geometry. Chamber geometry is used to adjust deposition rate to optimize structure.6.Wide Range of Operating Pressures. Independent power and pressure adjustment allows operation at argon gas pressure range of 0.2 - 0.005 mbar.7.Compact, Modern, Benchtop Design. Space and energy saving design eliminates need for floor space, water or specialized electrical connections.8.Ease of Operation. System operation and setup is very similar to standard sputter coating and does not require additional cleaning compared to ion beam coaters.

Specifications for the 208HR High Resolution Sputter Coater 


Sputter head

Low voltage planar magnetron 

Quick target change 

Wrap-around dark-space shield 

Shutter for target conditioning


Cr, Pt/Pd (standard) or IR (Iridium coater)

optional: Au, Au/Pd, Cu, Ni, Pd, Pt, Ta, Ti and W

Sputter supply

Microprocessor based 

Safety interlock 

Constant current control independent of vacuum

Digitally selectable current (20, 40, 60 or 80mA)

Chamber size

150mm OD (6")

Variable height, 165 - 250mm (6.5" - 9.8") including glass cylinder (65mm H and 2 metal spacer rings)

Sample stage

Non-repetitive rotary, planetary motion with manual tilt 0-90° 

Variable speed rotation 

Crystal head 

4 sample holders (specify when ordering, see Sample Holders)

Analog metering

Vacuum Atm - .001mb 

Current 0-100mA

Control method

Automatic operation of gas purge and leak functions 

Automatic process sequencing 

Digital timer (0-300 sec) with pause 

Automatic venting

Thickness control

MTM-20 controller with terminating facility

Pumping System


Turbo drag / rotary pump combination 

Optional dry scroll pump instead of rotary pump

Pumping speed

300 l/min at 0.1mb

Pumpdown Time

1 min to 1 x 10-3mb

Ultimate pressure

1 x 10-5mb

Desktop system

Rotary pump is mounted on desktop compatible anti-vibration table

All metal vacuum coupling system

Thickness Controller


Microprocessor based 

4 digit display, push button zero 

6MHz crystal with lifetime check 

5 times/sec update rate ( more information)

Thickness range

0.0 - 999.9nm


Better than 0.1nm

Density range

0.50 - 30.00gm/cm3

Tooling factor range

0.25 - 8.00

Termination range

0 - 999.9nm

Services Required


100-120 or 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz, (please specify)


550VA max.

Argon gas

Purity, min. 99.995% 

Pressure regulated 5 - 6 psi (0.4 bar) 

Hose connection, 6.0mm (1/4") ID hose

System Dimensions


Width 600mm (23.6"), Depth 600mm (23.6"), Height 450mm (17.7") (with rotary pump)


40kg (88.5 lbs) (with rotary pump)