Andrew B. :: Senior Portraits

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The first time I heard Andrew speak, before having seen his face, I didn't picture him to look the way he does. But after knowing him for a year or two, everything about him just fits (I mean no disrespect, Andrew). Some people have to try to be funny. Not Andrew. Whether he actually says a funny joke, or is just his goofy self, you'll end up laughing at something. He's a good dude, from a good family

His parents did something that a lot of parents don't do for senior pictures. He got to pick everything. He got to pick the photographer, the location, what he wore, and they even stayed at home while we went out for pictures. While I understand that many parents don't want to give their 17 year old that choice, it allowed Andrew to be himself the whole time and not worry about smiling in a way that mom liked, or standing straight enough for his dad.

You'll see what I mean... Thanks for looking.

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