Aspen / Maroon Bells : Landscape Photography

Saturday, October 10, 2014

TWO vacations in one month??!! Yes! TWO! You might have seen or heard about the one I took to the La Garita Ranch at the beginning of September, but the pictures below are a taste of how I finished off the month.

Random invites to cool places are one of the best ways to see the world! When offered a ride deep into the Colorado Rockies at the beginning of fall, you should never say, "I think I'll pass." It will probably one of the worst choices you'll ever make. Let me just say that I am glad I agreed.

One of the main reasons for the trip was to hike Maroon Bells. I have always heard that it is a pretty hike, but I had no idea what was in store for me! Our stay coincided with the climax of the fall color changes for the Aspen and other broad leaf trees in that part of the state. A-MAZE-ING! Words and pictures can only begin to do this landscape and vacation justice, but I hope that through the images, you can begin to understand and see the beauty of the world in which we live.


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