Katie P. - Scott Nelson Photography

Katie P. :: Senior Portraits

Wednesday, September 16, 2016 - 10:45 am

Have you seen the show 'Criminal Minds'? I don't even know what channel its on any more, but you know what i'm talking about, right? Right. So anyways, Katie wants to work for the BAU. She wants to be the person who figures out the minds and motives behind the puzzles pictured on that show. I know, they are more grusome murders than they are 'puzzles', but at their core, they're puzzles. She wants to figure them out.

She is wonderful to talk to and has a very kind heart. Only guessing at how realistic that television show actually is, I kind of don't want her to get the job because I don't want her to lose the spunk and love of life she has, by being around such situations. But she will do a great job. She has plans and the know how to get to where she wants to be.

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