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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It finally happened! If you remember, back in May I did some engagement pictures with Kendra & Bryan involving baseball.

Well, the wedding was a blast. It took place on a baseball field. Who does that these days? Well, I mean, who does that ever?! So different! Besides the sun beating down prior to the ceremony, then a small rain shower, the weather was all we could have asked for. I kept wishing that a baseball game would break out between Kendra and Bryan's families. I can't say for sure who would have won, because both families seemed pretty competitive. Regardless of the victor, it would have been a good game. Kinda like the All-Star games in the majors.

After a funny and simple ceremony, the reception was just as laid back and easy going. The weather stayed wonderful all night long as the sun set on what will be a day that Kendra & Bryan will remember for their whole lives.

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