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Tuesday Dec 26, 2017

Sometimes, it's all about who you know. I've been working on refurbishing/hanging a couple old axe heads. When you get done, you don't want just any old mask (sheath) to protect both the axe and you. That is where Francesco comes in. I have known him for a few years now and he is my go-to man when it comes to leather work. He started out making belts and has since broadened his business to include everything from coasters to hand bags. Check out all of his work at

Knowing that this particular product was a bit outside of his wheelhouse, I  gave him a call to see if it was something he would tackle.After discussing specifics, I mailed the axe to him so that he could work his magic. What you see below is a 100% custom, handmade in America, axe mask and collar guard. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks again Francesco!

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