Labor Day Weekend :: Vacation

Friday, September 19, 2014

Today, Labor Day conjures up a multitude of memories throughout the country. The unofficial end to summer comes with barbecues, lazy days at the nearest beach, and most of all spending your three day weekend with the ones you love. This may be a far cry from the original version - in 1882 it was meant as a way to celebrate our nation's Labor and Trade Unions complete with vibrant parades and boisterous parties - but it has nonetheless nestled its way into American nostalgia without the pomp and circumstance of our more traditional holidays. This year, I traded in my barbecue for a backpack, my swim suit for a sweat shirt and hit the mountains.

I went back down to the La Garita Ranch (you may have seen my trip there in May) and enjoyed the perfect weather. I did everything from naps to horse back rides, hiking to small hot air balloon festivals, and gravity derbies. While I am not a fan of traffic (just like the next person), the couple days "away from it all" were well worth the time it took to get there and back. Enjoy!

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