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Tanisha + Ashcon :: Wedding Photography

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Repeat customers are the best customers. I met Ashcon's older sister years ago while shooting a wedding for their cousin. Since then, I have done family pictures, senior photos and a few weddings. I love the Akhavans. And seems like they kind of love me. The four kids are so down to earth, so smart and so genuine. You can't help but to like them. Tanisha is the new addition and she is no exception to this list.

Both Tanisha and Ashcon were very meticulous in planning their big day, but then once it arrived, they let the plans work themselves out and enjoyed the time with fiends and loved ones. They had a great day in the mountains of Colorado. I would have lost money if I bet that it would snow on their wedding day. November 6 would normally have seen more powder on the ground, but it worked out perfectly.

I hope that you enjoy the images below as much as I did taking them. 

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