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Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter. My favorite season. The weather alone, here in Colorado, has been kind of crazy. With temps up and down and snow and sun, we have gotten so many seasons in one. If nothing else, this winter has brought me to the close of a 6 month project for a small company called Thompson Tactical.

I have formed a wonderful working relationship with a man named Francesco. He is a God fearing, homegrown, freedom loving American and he makes some of the most beautiful leather products you have ever seen. All hand crafted, right there in his garage in San Pedro. After being in the hunt for a new belt (not just for the range, but also to simply hold up my pants day in and day out), I ordered my belt from him after hearing about it on YouTube. I watched a couple reviews from people I have come to enjoy and decided to pull the trigger.

Now, these aren't your average, run of the mill nice leather products. His belts are double thick and hand sewn by the man himself. When you place an order, it takes him about 25-30 hours of work to get your product all the way through the production process. He then follows that up with some of the best customer service in the business.

After snapping a few shots of my belt, to admire the beauty, I sent them off to him the words, "Use the pictures if you want, or don't, but I am very pleased with my new belt. Thank you!" Come to find out, he loved them and after a short conversation, had sent me a belt in each color for more pictures. Throughout the last 6 months, he has come to me again and again for all of his photography needs and I'm more than happy to help a fellow small business.

Below, you will find shots of his belts, his belts in action, as well as some of his other products. He is in the preliminary stages of making bracelets as well as custom dog collars. Make sure that you head over to and see if this is something you could get on board with.

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